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By Dr. Bill Kuttler, DDS
December 15, 2017
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As teeth chatter in the arriving cold weather, we see more smiles as people prepare for the Holiday season. It doesn't seem to matter what your religion ( or lack thereof ) is, almost everyone seems to get into the joy of celebrating at this time of the year. Although we live in turbulent times, that doesn't seem to stop most of us from expressing gratitude and joy.

Want a brighter smile? Call us. Want to prevent teeth from shattering due to the chattering? Call us. Want to make a New Years resolution revolving around better health? Make an appointment with us and we can help you include your oral health with the bigger plan. I and our team can help you in many important ways. So with that, I've done my job of promoting dental health and services -- on to more fun stuff!

One of the things I'm most grateful for is that over 40 years ago I decided that I wanted to be a dentist. As a result of that decision, off I went to college and dental school because just like Hermey the Elf, I knew that's what I wanted to do. While lots of things turned out differently than I expected, I'm still joy-filled and delighted that I made that choice way back then. I, and the wonderful team I work with get to help people every day. What an honor and a privilege that you have placed your trust us, and then you even thank us when we've done for you what we really love doing!

So what fills your heart with joy? I hope you'll pause in the midst of this busy and crazy time of the year to consider that question. Then, when you've come up with some answers, do MORE of it! Maybe even LOTS more of it! Partly because you deserve it, but perhaps even more than that, I notice that when people I'm around are filled with joy, everyone around them is more joyful as well. What a great way to give gifts that don't even cost a dime.

Smiles are free! Hugs are free! Kindness is almost always free! Maybe many of us want to receive something material for Christmas, especially kids, but usually a lot less is expected than what is received. I remember as a kid often having more fun playing with the boxes that the gifts came in than the gifts themselves. Spending time with people who maybe don't have family near them might be the best gift you give OR receive all year long. I know that when I've done that, I almost always walk away feeling better than when I arrived.

The ‘Santa Spirit really IS alive! Probably the greatest gift was given by Santa, or any of us, is to really listen to each other. (Something I'm still working at learning....)

As many of you know, we have a box in our office collecting for Toys for Tots. Yes, buying something to put in that box costs some money, but I also believe it helps some kids feel a little love and joy that maybe they wouldnt have felt otherwise. That can bring joy as well to those of us who contribute. Thanks to Bryce Parks and all of the volunteers who help him make that happen every year in Dubuque and they are gifts to so many!

So PLEASE have a joy-filled holiday, no matter what your spiritual beliefs are. I only hope part of your belief system includes Peace on Earth and Good Will to all Men, Women, and Children! I hope everyone reading this has many reasons to smile this season, and a blessed 2018!